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Automotive Security Solutions

With high-value auto inventory that is vulnerable to theft and damage, the automobile industry has an obvious need for security monitoring and facility management.

The Birdseye Security solution is proven to deliver effective remote monitoring, complex operations management automation and enforcement of safety protocols for all levels of the automotive industry, from auto carrier terminals to the individual auto dealership.

Security Monitoring

Car dealerships and automotive carrier terminals can be prime targets for thieves. No one person can be everywhere to monitor all activities on-site.

Birdseye’s comprehensive security solutions not only significantly reduce the risk of theft but can also actively monitor other incidents such as damage to vehicles from employees or the general public.

Our professionally trained, AI-empowered agents can have eyes everywhere at once. Agents can actively supervise all the most important and/or incident-prone areas of your facility, monitoring for more than just a lot of intrusions.

Agents ensure that even authorized drivers and staff follow best practices, wear appropriate safety equipment and perform their duties with the utmost care.

No more surprising mystery damage, as all activities are documented and reported. Enforcement of safety protocols is done proactively via our live Voice-Down™ [link to], preventing issues before they happen, reducing liability and increasing protocol compliance.

Operations Management

Efficient operation is the lifeblood of any system – especially the complex and highly integrated automotive industry.

The relatively simple operational activities such as yard access authorization, triggering security doors, monitoring locations of keys or other important assets are table stakes.

With the large volume of high-value inventory being distributed across a vast network of dealer locations, ensuring accurate tracking of inventory, validating pick-up and delivery of vehicles is where Birdseye can add tremendous value. ,

Our agents are fully capable of controlling access to restricted areas, ensuring that valid ID is provided or protocols are followed for entry into these areas, triggering doors and locks and preventing unauthorized entry due to lost or stolen card keys or passcodes.

Locations for important keys or equipment can be monitored and usage can be logged – creating unprecedented accountability.

Inventory control can be monitored and/or maintained by our agents, with centralized and automated reporting.

If our agents can be linked into it, they can perform the task remotely providing an extra layer of security and confidence that protocols are being followed closely with all operations and access control interactions.

Safety Compliance

Safety compliance is an ongoing issue in any workplace. Even a single incident of forgetfulness or negligence by an employee can result in injury and financial liability.

Birdseye’s dedicated agents are a powerful tool in ensuring that safety protocols are followed to prevent incidents that can reduce lost time, property damage, or financial liability, and have a positive impact on insurance premiums.

Agents constantly monitor for unsafe activities, lack of compliance or negligence, and can proactively engage those at fault according to predefined processes, to reduce or eliminate incidents.

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