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Securing and monitoring construction sites present unique challenges compared to other environments. Sites can cover large, remote and ever changing environments littered with potential hazards to employees and visitors.

Sites contain heavy equipment and valuable supplies that are prone to vandalism and theft.

Traditional onsite security is a challenge for construction sites, as wandering the site can be dangerous – whether during the day or off-hours.

Site Surveillance

The Birdseye security solution addresses the complexity of site security and monitoring – for construction sites of any size, temporary or long-term. While onsite security guards can’t be everywhere at once, Birdseye’s professionally trained, AI-empowered agents can.

With the Birdseye Security Solutions deployed, a professionally-trained Birdseye agent will always be actively monitoring the construction site for any unwanted activity and intervene before the incident becomes a problem.

Utilizing two-way communication, via our Voice-Down™ technology, agents can send potential trespassers running, and/or identify unsafe behaviours to employees – avoiding a potential accident.

In the event interventions do not immediately work, agents can call the police, fire or EMTs according to predefined client protocols.

All incidents are recorded and logged by the Birdseye agent. Clients receive automated reports supported by video evidence – helping clients identify and eliminate underlying risk areas on their sites, and providing proof of any incidents for after-the-fact investigations.

Site Access Management

Construction sites are busy places. Every day there are numerous employees and 3rd party site visitors including suppliers, sub-contractors and inspectors that require access to the site.

Ensuring that people can efficiently be granted access to the site while keeping the site closed to unauthorized access can be a time consuming and disruptive task for onsite supervisors – who have far more important tasks to perform.

Once the Birdseye Security solution has been deployed, a Birdseye agent can manage access to the site ensuring only authorized personnel are onsite.

Birdseye agents can efficiently process new or unexpected visitors to any location, following client protocols and instructions for access.

Deliveries, suppliers, and all others are processed quickly and thoroughly while your on-site staff can continue their work uninterrupted.

Operations Administration Support

When supplies are delivered, Birdseye agents can log all relevant details, including time of delivery, what was delivered and by whom.

Birdseye agents can direct suppliers to specific locations onsite – and monitor the unloading process to ensure that supplies are placed in the proper location and left in a secure and safe condition.

Custom Reporting

With the support of AI-technology, agents log all onsite visitors and details – with automated reports sent to clients. Video footage is archived in the event an incident requires investigation or a supplier disputes delivery details.

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