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Incidents and accidents happen in all types of facilities. Often, they could have been prevented with proper supervision. And, for the people involved (and the organizations they represent), preventing accidents is preferable to dealing with the consequences after they occur.

With traditional onsite supervision, it’s not realistic for every activity in a facility to be supervised at all times. This leaves organizations vulnerable to incidents and accidents occurring in their yards.

Even with passive CCTV monitoring, recordings are only useful for after-the-fact incident investigations.


With the Birdseye Security solution in place. Birdseye agents are monitoring the gate, perimeter and interior of clients’ yards, 24/7.

They have the ability to supervise the complete yard, and are specifically trained to watch for opportunities to prevent incidents and accidents.

Empowered with our Voice-Down™ two-way communication, agents can immediately alert employees to potential issues that could occur.

Armed with clients’ safety policies and protocols, they can advise employees to wear safety equipment, change course or direction, utilize tools properly, or intervene in any other behavior with the outcome of preventing incidents – and the liability involved.

Agents can replace or augment the monitoring capacity of onsite supervisors, and prevent messy clean-ups or injuries that come after an accident.


Birdseye agents, assisted by intelligent technology, log all incidents and near-misses that occur within the facility. All information is reported to clients on a regular cadence, including links to video footage.

In a traditional facility, near-misses (accidents that COULD have occurred but were averted) often go unreported.

In addition to providing important management and investigative information, these reports represent an opportunity to improve protocols to reduce the potential for future incidents to occur.

Being able to identify when a certain area or activity is generating a lot of near-miss incidents can also help to assess risk, and implement measures to prevent accidents and incidents.

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