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Do you require a physical security guard presence at your facility or site? Birdseye Solutions provides live guard services for those who require a full-time, dedicated site presence. If a full-time security guard is impractical or unnecessary, we can also provide mobile security patrols for short or long-term service. For those who prefer the human element present at their facility’s access points, gate house guards are available. Security guards can be provided for Foot Patrols, Stationary Security, or Vehicle Patrols. No matter what live security guard needs are, our live guards are ready to meet the challenge. All security guards are professionally trained and licensed in the province of Ontario.



For truly comprehensive and complete security, we highly suggest a combination of security services. Security guards can only be in one place at a time, but when they are informed and directed by our live monitoring service, they can be a powerful and effective tool in your security arsenal. With our Dedicated Agents watching and our live security guard on the scene, the chances of security issues are drastically reduced – and that impacts your bottom line. It’s no wonder why insurance companies and risk managers love Birdseye’s unique combination of services!


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