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Most organizations combine onsite security guards with passive surveillance camera systems to create what they think is a secure solution to the problem of theft, vandalism and property damage.

They quickly realize that they are paying more than they need to for inadequate supervision. They come to recognize that passive surveillance systems are only useful to investigate issues after they have occurred – and prevention is the real goal.

Many large security companies offer “live monitoring” as a service to organizations who have realized their passive surveillance systems are not delivering the value they’d hoped.

A live person watching camera footage is undoubtedly superior to having only video archives. In most cases, these organizations have a single security agent monitoring the cameras of multiple clients, and only actively monitoring if the system is triggered by an alarm, or other event onsite.

Unfortunately, as they watch things happen, they are limited in their ability to interfere. They can only observe and notify the onsite security guard, management, or the police.


Birdseye’s professionally trained agents are dedicated to a single client. Clients can count on working with the same agents every day.

Agents get to know clients’ employees, protocols, and preferences on handling standard activities as they occur.

Agents are essentially an extension of our clients’ own employee teams – they are specifically trained on your protocols and policies and are available to you anytime via phone, email, or video call.

Depending on the number, size and complexity of operations on a facility, multiple dedicated agents may, in fact, be assigned.

Assignments for peak time traffic are dynamic, ensuring that when things get busy, Birdseye can expand coverage to up to four agents, ensuring that all events are processed in real-time.

Birdseye agents are always supervised and monitored to ensure peak performance. Their compensation includes incentives for outcomes that are meaningful to our clients – such as incident prevention.


Birdseye Solutions’ agents are a cut above the rest. Our agents are professionally trained and university educated.

Many agents have previous backgrounds in law enforcement and security that allow them to not only observe, but also to intelligently anticipate client needs.

Agents aren’t merely passive observers; they are actively involved in not only the security aspects of monitoring client facilities, but also communicating with and responding to anyone in your facility – from providing assistance or directions to intervening with trespassers and enforcing safety protocols.

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