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Whether an organization has the need for temporary surveillance, or longer term monitoring of a remote or off-grid location, Birdseye Security services include remotely-monitored mobile surveillance capabilities that can be the perfect solution.

The self-contained Birdseye Security monitoring trailers can be quickly deployed, and relocated as necessary to ensure monitoring at even the most challenging locations.


Remote sites can be problematic in terms of security. Despite the difficulty in using onsite security guards the need for constant surveillance can be essential where high-value assets are at risk of theft or damage, or at dangerous locations that represent a significant liability risk should they be accessed inappropriately.

Birdseye Security mobile surveillance trailers are an excellent alternative to traditional onsite security at difficult and remote job sites.

With these trailers, agents will monitor your site, act to prevent incidents following protocols pre-determined with our clients, and provide ongoing reports on all activity.

For off-grid locations, trailers are entirely self-sufficient and need to be hooked into a power grid.This allows for maximum adaptability to the security and surveillance needs at any remote site.


There are many instances when temporary monitoring of a site or event is beneficial to preventing security or safety incidents and necessary to minimize financial or legal liabilities.

Monitoring activity while heavy equipment is present, preventing the theft of supplies and tools, ensuring job site safety are being followed by workers on site, and deterring trespassers during off-hours are all essential to the proper management of temporary job site..

Birdseye Security mobile surveillance trailers are a great solution for short-term monitoring. These units are independently powered, but provide all the same services and protection as our permanent facility installations.

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