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With residents, visitors, delivery personnel, service and professional personnel coming and going, knowing what is happening on their properties at all times is challenging for any landlord or management company. That’s why security is always top of mind for all multi-residential buildings.

Most residential complexes have a building security system installed. Despite this precaution, many incidents are only caught after they’ve occurred in video reviews since the cameras are not actively being monitored.

If a security officer happens to be onsite, managing access to the facility for residents and visitors can keep them occupied and distracted from monitoring any live camera feeds from the residential security system.

The Birdseye Security solution can deliver efficient remote monitoring and virtual concierge services that ensure better security and service standards to any condominium, apartment complex or gated community, frequently at a lower overall budget compared to onsite security personnel.

Residential Security Monitoring

The Birdseye Security solution pairs the intelligent use of technology with professionally trained remote monitoring agents. Our AI-empowered agents monitor video feeds 24/7, watching for any activity of interest or concern.

Agents take an active role in ensuring the safety and security of buildings by intervening utilizing Voice-Down™ in situations before they can turn into an incident.

Whether it is monitoring trespassers and loiterers, controlling unauthorized entry at entrances and exits, or watching parking garages and storage areas for theft or damage, Birdseye agents can help improve residents’ confidence and peace-of-mind.

Virtual Concierge Services

Concierge services are becoming much more common in condominiums, gated communities and other types of multi-unit residential buildings.

Concierges providing services such as building access to non-residents, package delivery acceptance, directions, parking enforcement, and many other common functions.

Concierge services can easily be virtually delivered by our professionally trained remote agents, at a fraction of the cost of having staff onsite.

Property Management

Building management and condominium boards can struggle to maintain accurate and timely oversight of the activities at their properties.

Activity logging by onsite security staff is often paper-based, incomplete and prone to error.

The Birdseye Security solution automates logging of visitors, parking, service and maintenance activities, with video recordings as back-up.

All of this data is available in scheduled reports to our clients to ensure near real-time oversight to all aspects of building operations.

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