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Parking Management

Any transportation company wants to maintain efficient yard operations. Proper management of onsite trucks and trailers is essential to this goal. Parking management – assigning, monitoring and enforcing proper parking is foundational.

Traditional onsite security guards are often assigned a secondary responsibility to assign parking spaces to incoming vehicles, and to log these assignments.

It is not uncommon for these logs to be paper-based, kept at the gatehouse and riddled with inaccuracies or illegible to the next guard after a shift change.

Finding trailers parked onsite can involve walking the yard, searching for a trailer number in a sea of other trailers. Clearly this is less than ideal.

And for organizations that lease parking spaces to 3rd parties, the necessity for accurate records and enforcement of parking is even more important to ensure tenants are following assignment rules and billing is accurate.


With the Birdseye Security Solution installed, professionally-trained Birdseye agents are in place to monitor and manage gate and yard operations, 24/7.

Parking Management is a core function of their role. As they process inbound trucks and trailers through the gate, they can assign specific parking spaces, and then monitor and intervene should they see any deviation from the assigned parking.

Assisted by intelligent technology, all parking related details, including truck and trailer numbers, parking space(s) assigned, time stamps of arrival and departure are logged electronically, and available in real-time.

When it comes time for loads to be picked up, Birdseye agents can direct incoming trucks to the proper parking spot for a given trailer without any possibility for delay or error.


With truck and trailer parking at a premium, many yard operators will generate extra revenue by renting or leasing unused spaces to 3rd party trucking companies.

If properly managed, this extra revenue can be very profitable for an organization. Managing tenants is often a complex task. Often the number of parking spaces is limited per tenant, billing may be based on the amount of time that each parking spot is occupied, and rates may vary by time of day or day of the week.

And, overages on the use of spaces are often charged at a premium rate.

Birdseye agents are in place to manage incoming and outgoing vehicles and trailers, whether clients’ or 3rd party tenants’. Parking for tenants is tracked in the same way as any other vehicle coming into the yard.

And reporting, including the identifying details for trucks and trailers (license plates, trailer numbers, etc.), the number of spaces occupied and timestamps for arrival and departure, are available to clients to accurately generate billing invoices.

If a tenant objects or claims that they were not utilizing the space at that time, video archives can be provided with time-stamps to validate the charges in any billing dispute.

No more pro-rating or missing out on revenue because of a lack of documentation.


Many facilities have sensitive or secure areas where they enforce very specific parking restrictions. Enforcement of these restrictions can be problematic for facility managers who often do not have staff devoted to supervising and managing these areas.

Birdseye agents utilize the protocols and guidelines provided to them by clients to monitor any secure parking areas.

Enabled with Voice-Down™ two-way communication, the Agent can immediately intervene with vehicles unauthorized to park in specific areas, communicating appropriate instructions to staff and visitors to your facility.

Parking incidents or violations can be noted and the information provided to clients in customized reports. Agents can provide suitable video archives of infractions for an extra sense of surety.

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