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Birdseye Security Solutions delivers value far beyond that of a traditional security guard company. Our diverse range of security services can be customized to meet any clients’ unique facility security needs.

At the core of the Birdseye Security solution is a comprehensive CCTV camera system that covers the perimeter and interior of the yard. Our professionally trained agents remotely monitor your facility 24/7 for intrusion, manage authorized yard access and can proactively enforce onsite security and safety protocols (including the proper use of PPE).

In the majority of cases, our agents can prevent security incidents from occurring. When necessary, our agents can call local police or fire authorities to intervene in serious situations, according to standard protocols that are predefined in partnership with our clients.

The Birdseye Security services are C-TPAT and PIP compliant, ensuring any facility using our security services can establish (or maintain) certification status.

Where requested, our remote agents can be augmented by supplemental onsite security guards.

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