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Cargo theft is an issue that costs the transportation industry billions of dollars in losses, annually. Inefficient management of facilities is a less obvious, but no less important, drain on operating margin.

And, inattentive enforcement of onsite protocols, especially those related to personnel safety and truck inspections, represents a massive and immeasurable potential for liability.

The Birdseye Security solution is proven to deliver effective remote monitoring, complex yard management and onsite protocol enforcement for the transportation industry – from independent truck yards to multi-site regional and national carriers.

Security Monitoring

Security is at the core of the Birdseye Security solution. The solution is built on the foundation of a state-of-the-art grid of CCTV cameras, paired with remote monitoring by professionally trained agents. Through the intelligent use of technology, agents are able to identify and proactively intervene in situations as they begin – preventing most from turning into incidents.

Compared to onsite security guards, our AI-enabled remote agents are able to more effectively and efficiently monitor the entire perimeter and interior of a facility.

Should a serious issue arise, they are trained to intervene according to predefined client protocols, including, when appropriate, calling the proper authorities (police, fire or ambulance).

All interactions are recorded and logged, to ensure ample records exist to assist with any post-incident investigation.

Perimeter Access Control

Access control and gate security are important and often complex operations in any truck yard. Cargo theft is continually on the rise, and ensuring that only authorized people are accessing facilities is one of operators’ priority concerns.

The Birdseye Security solution utilizes the ID-Verifi™ system to visually verify all incoming and outgoing traffic at your truck yard perimeter. Agents match drivers and vendors to their ID to ensure only authorized personnel are allowed entry.

Agents allow yard access to drivers, vendors, or contractors based on pre-approved lists and efficiently process unexpected visitors based on predefined access protocols.

All traffic into and exiting the yard is logged and reported – ensuring an accurate and complete view as to who was onsite, when, and for how long.

Tightly managing yard perimeter access acts as an immediate and obvious deterrent against cargo theft and other undesirable or illegal activities.

Interior Access Control

Agents monitor and control personnel access within the perimeter of the yard, where applicable. Whether managing indoor facilities or restricted areas, access can be controlled through the Birdseye Id-Verifi system.

This system eliminates the need to acquire, distribute and manage access cards, FOBs or keypad PINs, that can be lost, stolen or inappropriately shared with unauthorized users.

Birdseye agents actively monitor and control all access doors according to client protocols and requirements, logging and reporting all activities.

Yard Management

Delays and errors in inventory management are costly to the transportation and trucking industry. While in-transit delays are difficult to control, yard delays due to poor onsite management are avoidable costs to any trucking organization.

Birdseye Security clients benefit from automated yard management capabilities that drive visibility into yard operations and onsite inventory, and reduce the potential for errors and delays.

Birdseye agents, supported by AI, ensure that all incoming and outgoing gate traffic is accurately logged and monitor onsite movement of personnel and assets. Access to this data is available to clients to provide real-time visibility into the complete yard operation.

Safety Protocol Enforcement

The Birdseye Security solution is designed to provide proactive workplace safety monitoring and protocol enforcement.

Agents monitor facilities, alert to the activities of all onsite employees, vendors, and contractors. Should an agent observe the potential for an incident, they are trained to proactively intervene using the Voice-Down™ two-way communication system, preventing most incidents from occurring.

This can be as simple as reminding individuals to wear their PPE or follow other safety protocols while onsite. All breaches of protocols are logged and reported.

Agents also monitor and report on any injuries or accidents, providing video evidence to support WSIB claims, policy breaches, or other types of unwanted activity at facilities.

C-TPAT & PIP Compliance

We understand the importance of C-TPAT and PIP compliant security in the transportation industry. The Birdseye Security solution meets or exceeds the C-TPAT and PIP regulations. Any facility using our security services can establish (or maintain) certification status.

CVOR Score and Facility Insurance

Insurance costs are among the highest (and yet most controllable) variable costs in the transportation industry.

Maintaining a high safety rating, reducing or eliminating cargo theft, reducing damage to property and all reportable incidents are key contributing factors to any facilities’ CVOR score – and insurance premiums.

Insurance companies and safety inspectors have come to recognize the value and benefits of the Birdseye Security system, leading to significant insurance savings and improved CVOR scores.

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